The TSR generates funding from a wide variety of sources. We are strictly a non-profit organization whose only goal is to keep the kids having fun on the hill without running a deficit. Despite a huge input of volunteer labour, funds are required to maintain the buildings, taxes, coaching expenses, etc. The registration fees help to offset some of those diffuse expenses but additional fundraising and sponsorship is needed to cover the additional costs. The Ontario Trillium Foundation has given us large donations to help with the purchase of critical racing equipment used in the hosting of our home events. Our club fees remain very competitive for racing programs and presently are the lowest in Northern Ontario. When the club membership does well, coaching costs go up proportionately so it is impossible to lower the fees. Unlike some sports, parent volunteers cannot help with the coaching as coaches require extensive training and certification.
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In recent years, we have undergone a major update and repair of our timing gear including the main lines (top to bottom of the hill), headsets, start and finish equipment and more. The Trillium Foundation Grant has allowed us to keep our equipment up to date and functioning well.

At present, one of our major revenue generators remains the Timmins Bingo which (while not very popular) generates a large amount of the annual income that helps pay our expenses and keeps the costs reasonable for all the skiers. As such, every parent is expected to participate and cover some of the Bingo days, according to the number of racers in the program from each family. The TSR has a fixed number of bingo dates each year and this brings a predictable income to the club. If we give up days, we lose them and as such , we have to ask all member parents to participate (if I don’t do my day, someone else still has to cover that day). As overall numbers of racers increase, the number of Bingos expected of each family will decrease but unless we can find an alternate, consistent source of annual revenue this will remain a necessary commitment.

As a group, we do have some other fund raising activities most notably the Gas Draws. Twice a year, we host a draw for a $500 gas card. At only $1 per ticket, these tend to sell well and bring some consistent money into the club. Any additional ideas for fund raising are welcome!
Pasted GraphicIn the 2011-12 season we introduced a Yuk Yuk's Comedy night which was a great success. We hosted our forth show in November 2014 to the largest crowd yet. It was a fun night with a lot of talent showcased and we hope to keep this event running for years to come. This year, however, we have partnered with local comedian and police officer Rick Lemieux to bring the comedy duo of Derek Edwards and Pete Zedlaker to Timmins on November 6 at the Dante Club. This promises to be a fabulous show and will be a big fundraiser for the club for this year.

Donations from a variety of sponsors help to keep the club running and up to date. We appreciate all the support and thank all sponsors for the help in keeping the kids on the hill and encouraging a love of the sport. Please visit our Acknowledgement page for a complete list of sponsors.