Season's End!

What a season! It is always sad when things come to an end, especially with all the snow we had the second half of the season. It is hard to think back to December when everything was still patchy on the hill and there were no big natural falls to help out. Now approaching mid-April I still have bigger snow banks in the yard than I have had in years and there is more called for today. Even so, it is time to put on the layer of summer wax and store the skis and gear away for the summer which always seems to pass faster than the ski season!
We had a great year as a club. Swelling numbers brought a flood of new faces to the TSR chalet and the kids had a blast. Tremendous coaching helped all the kids excel. We saw a lot of skill development from every member and I think all the kids made some significant gains over the year. The Nancy Greene finals highlighted the club’s growth with a huge number of skiers attending this year in North Bay where we tied for first place with Adanac. We will be hosting the finals next year (now the U10 divisional finals - Nancy Greene racing will no longer be with us) in March so we will be looking for an even better showing for our athletes. Our racers made showings at races all over the province and beyond - Kanasuta, Val d’Or, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay and provincials. It creates a whirlwind of driving and skiing that stretches for 10 weeks but it is worth it. All the kids had loads of fun and in the end, it’s all about the kids.
Our club hosted the Boreal Cup and Slalom Derby this year. Both were a big success and due to the tremendous organization (George!) and support of all our parent volunteers the races went off without a hitch. The only downside is that we have set the bar so high for ourselves that it will be hard to top next year.
Today is the TSR season end Banquet. We look forward to seeing everyone again one last time before we scatter for the summer. I think the friendships the kids have made over the year will be something they all remember.
Relax and put your feet up for now. Next season will come before you know it. If anyone is bored this summer, we will be out at the hill laying new wires for timing. Lots of hands makes big jobs quick and fun.
I will try to get caught up on video and picture posts in the next few weeks so keep checking back.

Race Crazy

The race season is well underway - and almost over! TSR so far this year has sent kids to Kanasuta, Sault Ste. Marie, our own Boreal Cup, Sudbury and North Bay. Provincials are coming up in less than two weeks then Mont Video. Our Scott Duhan has been all over the province making waves in the FIS circuit and we are all proud of his efforts. It is always such a long build up in the fall then a crazy rush once the snow falls. Now we are praying for the weather to last a bit longer so that we can run the Slalom Derby on the March 22-24 weekend. So far the hill is in great shape and all signs are pointing to the weather cooperating for a great race. Then we can all take a breather and regroup for the year end banquet which is always a blast. The season flies by as always but only because the kids are having such a blast. The new club members are doing so well and we are seeing massive improvements on the hill from everyone. I am trying hard to update the photo and video pages as the season progresses but some will lag behind until April when skiing slows.

Kanasuta and Beyond

This past weekend in Rouyn Noranda was a great one for the TSR kids. We had 22 racers attend the race at Mont Kanasuta, many for their first official race ever. It was least than optimal weather with the rain but the kids still had a fantastic time and the course race went well. Many thanks to our Quebec neighbours for continuing to host a fun event each year for the kids. The older racers are gearing up for the Dual City Slalom this coming weekend and everyone here has their minds on the upcoming Boreal cup the first weekend of February. We are working hard to make this the new can’t-miss NOD race event.
Thanks to Kim Wittig for hosting a Level One Coaches course so that many of the new parents could get up to speed for our upcoming events.
I am trying to get some pictures posted from our internal fun race as well as the Kanasuta event so keep checking back.

Start of Season

The ski season has officially arrived. After months of preparation we are finally hitting the snow! Kamiskotia opened the hill to a degree yesterday on December 22 with the Tee bar and opened the Skyway chair today. Mother nature helped things along with a big dump of fresh snow on the 20th and 21st. That should help the rest of the runs along to full opening for the training camp which starts on the 27th and runs right through to January 4 with a day off for New Year’s. The coaches are ready to make this a solid start to the season for both the new and established racers.
Twelve of our racers attended the Mont Tremblant pre-season camp which also benefitted from a lot of natural snow over the week. The kids and adults had a great time on the hill and got a definite jump on the season with some solid coaching both on and off the snow. Everyone came home pumped up for the season here. I have to sort through the mass of pictures to pick the best to get them on the site so check back regularly.
We have had a flurry of activity at the hill getting the TSR infrastructure ready for the season. The start shack now has siding and is ready for the doors when we can get them to the top and install them but the hut itself looks beautiful at the top of the hill. Inside the TSR chalet, we have installed new carpet and used more of the cedar siding to finish the interior walls. New shelving and revision of the wax room gives the whole place a new and improved look.
We are starting to get more serious about preparations for the Boreal Cup even though it is still 5 weeks away. Over the next few weeks, most of the parents can expect to be approached about committing to volunteer on the race weekend to make this a great event for the kids and a profitable race for the club. We are planning to make another run at the Slalom Derby this year on March 22-24. While we have had some weather issues over the last several years, traditionally, we have been able to keep the hill conditions up for this end of season race so we are hopeful it will work out again this year. Outside of Timmins, the race calendar is set and people are booking their hotels for the out of town races. Check with the calendar on the resource page if you haven’t already so you can plan your winter racer travels.
The board members of the TSR want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. Take time to relax and enjoy your family and we will see you all on the hill!

Feb. 12 Fun and Race Update

The Yuk Yuk’s show was a big success and financially a boon for the ski racers. Hopefully it will become a fixture for years to come. The Mealey Classic is next week in Sault Ste. Marie and hopefully will be great race though the ski conditions are not what we have been experiencing in Timmins this year. March is coming with a glut of upcoming races. The Nancy Greene finals are in Sudbury this year and are a chance for the junior racers to show their stuff. At the end of March break is the Kanasuta race which was a lot of fun last year (though very cold!) and should be good this year as well if they have the snow that we have had. This also was a fun race for the junior skiers as well as the K’s. Our Slalom Derby is coming the end of March and hopefully we will still have lots of snow after having to cancel the Boreal Cup. The Downhill is in fantastic shape and we keep getting more snow in little dumps so unless we have a major thaw we should be fine. Hope to see everyone there!

Winter Update

January is coming to an end and we are having a great season so far. The hill is in shape for a long season if the weather cooperates. We had a bit of rain yesterday but it froze up fairly quickly without much snow loss.
We had the unfortunate luck of having to cancel the annual Boreal Cup due to mechanical failure from the chairlift. It was a big disappointment to everyone involved since the conditions on the Downhill were perfect for racing. We are hoping for a long season so that we can go ahead with the Slalom Derby the end of March. The older kids were off at the Dual City Race this past weekend and they are off again to Mont Video for a race this weekend. The upcoming Mealey Classic in Sault Ste. Marie is always a big event for the K’s and J’s.
The Timmins Ski Racers Yuk Yuk’s night is coming up February 3 and is shaping up to be a fun evening. Ticket sales are going well though there are still tickets available at YIG’s, the Timmins Square service desk and the Shopper’s Drug Mart on Algonquin. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door so come on out and bring some friends.

TSR News

Fall is finally getting colder and the snow and ice make us all think of the upcoming season. The Timmins Ski Racers welcomes a number of enthusiatic new members to the ranks. Dryland training is well underway at Rehab Plus where the kids are getting great workouts to prepare ski muscles for the rigours of downhill skiing. A number of the racers are getting excited for the Mont Tremblant preseason ski camp coming up in less than two weeks to give them a head start on the Timmins season.
The renovations at the club are all done and we are grateful for the efforts of all the volunteers who have made the chalet that much more welcoming for the kids this winter. Kamiskotia is planning to open December 17 if the weather cooperates and the Ski Racers should be able to get a few on hill days before Christmas. We are getting prepared for the upcoming Boreal Cup the weekend of January 7-8 which is shaping up to be a great start to the racing season.
We also have the Yuk Yuk's comedy night planned for Friday Feb. 3 so keep your calendars clear and plan on attending a hilarious night of fun to support our young skiers.

Slalom Derby Revisited

Further to the Slalom Derby. Again, what a great weekend was had by all and we hope to see you all here next year, with friends! I will get some Derby photos up soon - just have to find and pick the best.
My biggest mistake was to not thank John Wittig, the race organizer who spent countless hours making this race weekend come together. For every other volunteer and sponsor, John was in the background organizing, coordinating and directing to help the rest of us bring the event to the public. His dedication is understated and unappreciated by many as most of the work is behind the scenes. THANKS JOHN!!!
We hope the success this year can help attract back some of the clubs who previously came but choose not to this time round.

Slalom Derby Weekend

The first day of the Timmins Slalom Derby has come and gone. After a few years of bad weather and lack of natural snow we managed to maintain the downhill all year despite below average natural snowfall. The hill is in great shape though the cold weather created icy conditions and hard pack for the racers. No rocks though! With the smooth set up and transitions, the races ran in record time - in no small part thanks to the phenomenal timing crew who are the glue that holds the whole thing together. The others helped out also.
Day two promises to be even better as the temperature is expected to warm up a bit by this afternoon, maybe softening the snow a bit. The crews are out and ready and hopefully thinks will continue to go smoothly before tonight’s banquet.