September 2011

Fall 2011

School has started, Fall is coming and the TSR is starting to gear up for the upcoming season. We are in the process of hiring a head coach to oversee the organization of the coaching team and are trying to finalize all the coaches for the year. Dryland training organization is underway and we may have a few options open but will have more definite information in the near future. The weekend of Sept. 24/25 will see a flurry of activity at the hill as we redo the shingles on the chalet, check the gear and possibly even get working on a new race start shack for the winter. We will be finalizing the date and venue for the club Annual General Meeting for all the parents of racers.
Despite advertising, remember that word of mouth is the best way for our club to grow so talk to your kids friends and their parents. Refer them here for more information since an increased membership helps to keep the costs down and makes the sport more accessible to everyone. Remember that ski pass sales are ending soon and prices will be going up again next month...