November Update

The fall season is well underway and we have snow! I was looking at pictures from our start shack construction last year and as of December 8 we had only a light dusting on the ground. I can only hope the snow stays but we are already way ahead of last year and if it stays cold the hill should be able to start snowmaking soon. It would be great to have a lot of runs open and in good shape for the season opener on December 21st.
The Tremblant camp is organized and we have a bigger group going this year from the TSR. The program has been unified with NOD and looks like it should be a tremendous learning experience for the kids. Melanie Turgeon will be giving some sports psychology sessions after the on hill training is done for the day which should be very informative.
Our master electrician Herb Buschold has (with the help of several parents) laid the new timing wire for the club, replacing the one that was irreparably damaged last year by the Downhill expansion. Hopefully this new line will last us for many seasons to come.
Dryland has seen improved attendance since the last time shift. It is difficult trying to coordinate training times for 35 kids who all have different activities on their plates. Hopefully, we can continue to get feedback on the times so that we can continue to improve our program next year.
This weekend we are hosting a tuning clinic at Norfil (corner of Algonquin and Brunnette) to teach new parents the skills of ski tuning. Everyone is welcome so we hope to see lots of new faces.