TSR Banquet

Last week saw the Banquet at the Dante Club which was a great success. We missed Fletcher and Anna, as well as Brianna who were all a part of the team this year. A good meal, a chance to visit with new and old friends and a great opportunity for the kids to all see each other again before the summer hits.
Work continues behind the scenes but we hope everyone had a good time with fond memories to tide them through this boring warm weather until the snow flies again (in about 6-8 weeks or so...). I added some pictures from the banquet and will try to keep the site up to date with developments through the summer. Otherwise, I hope to see each and every one of the racers next year, hopefully with a friend or two...
Enjoy the summer!

Members Update

Only one week to go until the Banquet and we are all looking forward to getting together again. A reminder to all the parents and kids that we will be doing group pictures at the dinner so please bring or wear your TSR gear to the event.
We have finalized arrangements to have the old woodstove in the TSR chalet upgraded to meet all the safety standards so we can crank it up next year without any concerns. We have also ordered a portable timing system for training that should be a great aid to the coaches in helping kids get immediate feedback on their training days. The system can be quickly set up on any course and the racers can see their run times as they finish so they can judge their consecutive runs on a given day. We are looking forward to playing with it this summer to ensure we can use it right off the start next season.
See you all next week!