Race Crazy

The race season is well underway - and almost over! TSR so far this year has sent kids to Kanasuta, Sault Ste. Marie, our own Boreal Cup, Sudbury and North Bay. Provincials are coming up in less than two weeks then Mont Video. Our Scott Duhan has been all over the province making waves in the FIS circuit and we are all proud of his efforts. It is always such a long build up in the fall then a crazy rush once the snow falls. Now we are praying for the weather to last a bit longer so that we can run the Slalom Derby on the March 22-24 weekend. So far the hill is in great shape and all signs are pointing to the weather cooperating for a great race. Then we can all take a breather and regroup for the year end banquet which is always a blast. The season flies by as always but only because the kids are having such a blast. The new club members are doing so well and we are seeing massive improvements on the hill from everyone. I am trying hard to update the photo and video pages as the season progresses but some will lag behind until April when skiing slows.