March 2011

Slalom Derby Revisited

Further to the Slalom Derby. Again, what a great weekend was had by all and we hope to see you all here next year, with friends! I will get some Derby photos up soon - just have to find and pick the best.
My biggest mistake was to not thank John Wittig, the race organizer who spent countless hours making this race weekend come together. For every other volunteer and sponsor, John was in the background organizing, coordinating and directing to help the rest of us bring the event to the public. His dedication is understated and unappreciated by many as most of the work is behind the scenes. THANKS JOHN!!!
We hope the success this year can help attract back some of the clubs who previously came but choose not to this time round.

Slalom Derby Wrap Up

The 2011 Slalom Derby has wrapped up and what a great weekend it was!. We had great snow for late in the season with cold nights and warmer afternoons. The courses were challenging with crust on the steep pitches but the racers overall said they loved the hill and the weekend, ending the season with three days of a solid slalom experience. After a few poor snow years, it was great to have the hill natural and in such good shape.
Lots of thanks go out to all the volunteers who helped out with course setting, inspection, gate keeping, timing and the many other jobs that made the weekend successful. Our thanks to all the sponsors who made the event possible through their financial and other support. Special thanks to Lorne Haveruk of Kamiskotia who kept the lifts open, opened up the tube park up to the racers and just generally made the weekend a success. We would also like to recognize all the hill staff from the lift attendants to the lodge staff to the ski patrollers who kept the hill and facilities operating smoothly so that everyone could have a great time.
I hope to get some pictures up in the next few days to show what a fantastic weekend it turned out to be so keep posted and remember to set the weekend aside for next year. The 17th Derby was a successful event and we hope to build on it next year!

Slalom Derby Weekend

The first day of the Timmins Slalom Derby has come and gone. After a few years of bad weather and lack of natural snow we managed to maintain the downhill all year despite below average natural snowfall. The hill is in great shape though the cold weather created icy conditions and hard pack for the racers. No rocks though! With the smooth set up and transitions, the races ran in record time - in no small part thanks to the phenomenal timing crew who are the glue that holds the whole thing together. The others helped out also.
Day two promises to be even better as the temperature is expected to warm up a bit by this afternoon, maybe softening the snow a bit. The crews are out and ready and hopefully thinks will continue to go smoothly before tonight’s banquet.

Online at last!!!

After a lot of experimentation and many false starts, I have finally gotten the outline of the new webpage up and running. I apologize that it is far from complete but I wanted to get something on the net before the Slalom Derby this weekend. The conditions look great and the weather is cooperating for what should be an amazing event. Have faith that there will be lots more to come in the upcoming weeks and months as I get more pictures, videos and organization information input.
We are looking hard to recruit new members for next year as the hill is starting to do better and get further improvements. Our team has the makings of a great future K and J level group but we need to keep the Nancy Greene team building for the future. Come out this weekend for a few hours to see the Timmins Ski Racers in action and cheer us on!

TSR Webpage Construction

This is the first official entry for the new and improved Timmins Ski Racers website. Our last website hasn’t been updated in over ten years and wasn’t easy to find. Hopefully this will be online in the next few weeks while the ski pass sales continue at our hill. Our hope is to increase the awareness of the program and get a new crew of junior racers to work with the coaches and work up through the ranks as the present Nancy Greene skiers start to move up into the higher levels. At one point, the club had over 40 members and our placements showed in the Northern Ontario Division (NOD). With troubles at the hill and declining membership, the club has had a dramatic reduction over the last several years. With new direction from Kamiskotia, the hill itself has been reinvigorated and we hope that effect will trickle down to the ski club. We have all the infrastructure and resources in place and have great facilities for new racers of any age. Now we just need the kids to get out there on skies and show us what they can do.