February 2012

Feb. 12 Fun and Race Update

The Yuk Yuk’s show was a big success and financially a boon for the ski racers. Hopefully it will become a fixture for years to come. The Mealey Classic is next week in Sault Ste. Marie and hopefully will be great race though the ski conditions are not what we have been experiencing in Timmins this year. March is coming with a glut of upcoming races. The Nancy Greene finals are in Sudbury this year and are a chance for the junior racers to show their stuff. At the end of March break is the Kanasuta race which was a lot of fun last year (though very cold!) and should be good this year as well if they have the snow that we have had. This also was a fun race for the junior skiers as well as the K’s. Our Slalom Derby is coming the end of March and hopefully we will still have lots of snow after having to cancel the Boreal Cup. The Downhill is in fantastic shape and we keep getting more snow in little dumps so unless we have a major thaw we should be fine. Hope to see everyone there!