Here comes summer

Hard to believe summer is coming as I type in an ice storm with 6 foot snowbanks everywhere. The ski season is over with a fun year end banquet to remember. I think all the kids had a blast.
We will have a while before the ski hill is easily accessible but there are plans underway for a few projects to get things in even better shape for next year. Apart from the chalet clean up we have some shelving to build, some minor renovations at the timing shack and the major job of laying new timing wires for the downhill. We have to secure the wire still and ensure we have all everything we need. We also need to put some preserver on the start shack and install the doors. There is no single massive project but in every case, a number of helpers makes the whole job pass quickly. We all flip into summer mode and don’t want to spend it at the ski hill but hopefully with all our families, we can get individuals out for a few hours to help make our club even better for the kids. We will give occasional emails letting people know what things are planned and when. We hope to see you over the summer.

Season's End!

What a season! It is always sad when things come to an end, especially with all the snow we had the second half of the season. It is hard to think back to December when everything was still patchy on the hill and there were no big natural falls to help out. Now approaching mid-April I still have bigger snow banks in the yard than I have had in years and there is more called for today. Even so, it is time to put on the layer of summer wax and store the skis and gear away for the summer which always seems to pass faster than the ski season!
We had a great year as a club. Swelling numbers brought a flood of new faces to the TSR chalet and the kids had a blast. Tremendous coaching helped all the kids excel. We saw a lot of skill development from every member and I think all the kids made some significant gains over the year. The Nancy Greene finals highlighted the club’s growth with a huge number of skiers attending this year in North Bay where we tied for first place with Adanac. We will be hosting the finals next year (now the U10 divisional finals - Nancy Greene racing will no longer be with us) in March so we will be looking for an even better showing for our athletes. Our racers made showings at races all over the province and beyond - Kanasuta, Val d’Or, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay and provincials. It creates a whirlwind of driving and skiing that stretches for 10 weeks but it is worth it. All the kids had loads of fun and in the end, it’s all about the kids.
Our club hosted the Boreal Cup and Slalom Derby this year. Both were a big success and due to the tremendous organization (George!) and support of all our parent volunteers the races went off without a hitch. The only downside is that we have set the bar so high for ourselves that it will be hard to top next year.
Today is the TSR season end Banquet. We look forward to seeing everyone again one last time before we scatter for the summer. I think the friendships the kids have made over the year will be something they all remember.
Relax and put your feet up for now. Next season will come before you know it. If anyone is bored this summer, we will be out at the hill laying new wires for timing. Lots of hands makes big jobs quick and fun.
I will try to get caught up on video and picture posts in the next few weeks so keep checking back.