April 2011

Banquet and Beyond

The plans are getting finalized for the Banquet next month. It seems a long way off but almost everyone has sent in word thay they will be attending so it will be exciting for the kids to see each other again. We have a few videos and slideshows to highlight the year so it should be a lot of fun. Elections will be held for next year’s board of directors so think about any positions you might like to take on.
We have some plans to try and update the TSR building with some necessary cleaning, roof repairs and changes to the fireplace. Hopefully next season will bring some new timing equipment which will be portable and easy to set up for training days to enhance our program.
All in all, the summer will be busy that’s without everyone’s holidays. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the banquet!

TSR Update

With the ski season officially done and the hill close we all finally have a weekend ‘off’ (I get to work nights again, sigh). Work continues behind the scenes as we are preparing for the Banquet May 9th - we hope to see everyone there. I will be continuing to try and get bits and pieces of the website updated with pictures, movies and general information. We are trying to push advertising to bring the numbers up next year as the ski hill membership climbs. Word of mouth remains the best way to bring in new team members so talk it up with your friends!
Summer will bring a few construction projects hopefully. We are continuing to fundraise to try and upgrade some of our equipment, especially the timing gear. We want to get a better start shack built at the top of the downhill and have several improvements to be made on the timing shack (wiring, cables, insulation, etc.). All these things need to be coordinated since a big group of volunteers can finish a lot in couple of days which are precious in our Northern summers.
Keep checking back and if you are interested in helping out on any projects, send a message through the contact page and we will get back to you.