2014/15 Pre-Season Update

With a flurry of activity, the 2014-2015 ski season has already begun even though snow is hopefully still a long ways off. The board has been meeting and TSR will be running registration night on October 2nd at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex upstairs in the viewing area. This will run from 6-8PM. We plan to start the dryland training immediately after on Saturday, October 4 for everyone. Once again, older racers can also attend a spin class each week at Rehab Plus. Full dryland details will be available at registration.
The Fall ski hill work will also be starting soon. There are plans to lay some new timing wires, brush cut the hill and do a major clean up of the parking area behind the TSR Chalet. Details will be circulated as they become available.
We will host the 4th annual Yuk Yuk’s comedy night on Friday, November 14 at 8PM so save the date. Comedians are being determined.
The Mont Tremblant ski camp is scheduled to take place Dec 15-19 and remains a great way for kids to get their ski legs under them, get used to their new gear and log a lot of runs on long hills. The club will be circulating details once they are set.
Enjoy the fall and we look forward to seeing all our winter friends again in a few weeks.

January Ramblings

The ski season is well underway and our team is pumped for the first race of the year at the Dual City Slalom in North Bay and Sudbury this weekend. The season has already had its’ share of ups and down, skiing aside.
The Tremblant ski camp was a great success with good snow though some cold days. The kids managed a lot of milage over the week and had plenty of fun. The NOD camp experience was a solid start to what will hopefully become a regular event for the division. I think everyone took something useful away from the camp.
A bitter cold snap over the Christmas holidays cut our training back a bit for safety reasons but we were still able to get out most days. Some issues with the hill and snowmaking this year have meant that our best training runs are still not is shape for good training but Kamiskotia has allowed us use of other hills so that we can get some gates training done. Several big dumps of snow have also slowed the gate training since the snow always seems to hit overnight before training days!!! We never thought we would be against fresh snow. The important things is the kids are loving it.
Preparations are well underway for the TSR races this year. The Boreal is mostly set and planned and is now just over two weeks away. We are excited to have the U10/U12 finals here the weekend of Feb 22-23 and hope it will also be a fun weekend for the little ones.
Races notices are posted on the Resource page.

See you on the slopes!

November Update

The fall season is well underway and we have snow! I was looking at pictures from our start shack construction last year and as of December 8 we had only a light dusting on the ground. I can only hope the snow stays but we are already way ahead of last year and if it stays cold the hill should be able to start snowmaking soon. It would be great to have a lot of runs open and in good shape for the season opener on December 21st.
The Tremblant camp is organized and we have a bigger group going this year from the TSR. The program has been unified with NOD and looks like it should be a tremendous learning experience for the kids. Melanie Turgeon will be giving some sports psychology sessions after the on hill training is done for the day which should be very informative.
Our master electrician Herb Buschold has (with the help of several parents) laid the new timing wire for the club, replacing the one that was irreparably damaged last year by the Downhill expansion. Hopefully this new line will last us for many seasons to come.
Dryland has seen improved attendance since the last time shift. It is difficult trying to coordinate training times for 35 kids who all have different activities on their plates. Hopefully, we can continue to get feedback on the times so that we can continue to improve our program next year.
This weekend we are hosting a tuning clinic at Norfil (corner of Algonquin and Brunnette) to teach new parents the skills of ski tuning. Everyone is welcome so we hope to see lots of new faces.

Upcoming Season

Here we are once again, into fall and starting to notice the cooler temperatures. I know there are still leaves on the trees that that will change before we know it and then comes the snow. The TSR board has already been hard at work, trying to get prepared for the upcoming season. Equipment has been purchased, meetings held and much planning has already taken place. I’ll just touch some of the major points.
The Registration night is set for October third and we are planning on using the Sportsplex upstairs pool viewing area again. All members will be notified but I will post final times and any changes on the homepage of this site. Similarly, the Annual General Meeting is set for October 17, and it will again be held in the Timmins and District Hospital Administration Boardroom. Final times have not been set.
Work is being done at the hill to put the doors on the start shack and replace the damaged timing wire on the Downhill. Unfortunately, the wire we had was stolen over the summer so we will be looking to find new cable to run this fall.
The Tremblant training camp is planned for December 16-21 and we are hearing great interest from the membership. This is a fantastic week that lets our racers log a lot of miles and get their ski legs into shape for the season.
Speaking of getting in shape, dryland training will start up the end of October with one day/week for the U10s and two days for the older kids. We are still confirming the location and dates/times but a general memo will be sent once the details are firmed up.
Yuk Yuk’s is set for Friday, November 15 at Thériault High School at 8PM. The comedians are being arranged and confirmed but we will have tickets to distribute at the registration night.
Spread the word - TSR is continuing to grow and we anticipate great things from our racers this year.

Here comes summer

Hard to believe summer is coming as I type in an ice storm with 6 foot snowbanks everywhere. The ski season is over with a fun year end banquet to remember. I think all the kids had a blast.
We will have a while before the ski hill is easily accessible but there are plans underway for a few projects to get things in even better shape for next year. Apart from the chalet clean up we have some shelving to build, some minor renovations at the timing shack and the major job of laying new timing wires for the downhill. We have to secure the wire still and ensure we have all everything we need. We also need to put some preserver on the start shack and install the doors. There is no single massive project but in every case, a number of helpers makes the whole job pass quickly. We all flip into summer mode and don’t want to spend it at the ski hill but hopefully with all our families, we can get individuals out for a few hours to help make our club even better for the kids. We will give occasional emails letting people know what things are planned and when. We hope to see you over the summer.