Alpine Skiing is a life long, family oriented sport. It is a fun, physical sport that can be enjoyed by everyone at any level.

The Timmins Ski Racers is a non-profit organization designed to teach kids the skills required for competitive and recreational skiing in a fun, well supervised setting. The goal of our program is to promote and foster the skills of alpine ski racing and in the process encourage self-development, leadership and sportsmanship. Operating out of the
Kamiskotia Ski Resort in Timmins, Northern Ontario, we offer a
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challenging range of terrain to develop the skills needed for successful racing. Children as young as five years of age can enter the program though they are encouraged to be able to ride the T-bar before starting. Even older skiers with little experience can come and enjoy the group setting of the TSR.

Skiing is a unique sport as kids are primarily racing against themselves and ‘the Hill’ which takes a lot of the competition out of the sport. As a group, however, they are part of a team whose aggregate scores leads to achievements as a whole. Even the most cautious skier can contribute to the score of the team and as such the teammates show tremendous support and encouragement for every athlete. This allows older athletes to enter a sport in a supportive environment that is often absent in other activities.

The tremendous coaching available to the Timmins racers allows everyone to meet and exceed their expectations. Dry land training runs through the Fall and has facets geared towards both junior and senior skiers to enhance the physical abilities needed for skiing. For some, skiing starts early with a week long training camp at Mont Tremblant in Quebec to get a jump start on the season and a solid review of last years skills. For most in town, skiing starts as soon as the hill opens and continues until the spring thaw. Christmas camps, March break camps and race weekends are all part of the experience with ski instruction and training available every weekend day through the season. With all the camps, weekends and races skiers can easily exceed 30 ski days a year with training. Physically, alpine skiing is a tremendously challenging sport requiring strength, coordination, core power and endurance. The racing program keeps the kids very active with many days on the hill, filling the weekend with fun and sport as well as the team interaction.

Each year, the TSR hosts several events including the Boreal Cup and the Slalom Derby which brings athletes from across Northern Ontario and Quebec. These busy weekends bring hundreds of people to Kamiskotia and Timmins in general and give us the opportunity to showcase our community.

Our year end Banquet is a great opportunity to all get together one last time before summer for a good meal, visit with new and old friends and share pictures and videos from the past season. Awards and medals are given at this meeting for recognition of performances from the athletes each year.
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